Louise Bennett

Chair, BCS Security Community of Expertise and Identity Assurance Working Group

bennett-pic-originalLouise started her career as a scientist modelling weather patterns and locust plagues in Africa. She then moved into operations research and real time computing for aircraft systems in Defence. Over the last 30 years she has been an IT & R&D director (Thorn EMI, Logica, AEA Technology, Vivas). She has also worked as a Government advisor in several capacities. Currently she is a member of: the Defence Science Expert Committee, the Cabinet Office Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group and the Technical Panel for the Information Commissioner. She consults on: strategic and corporate governance, the exploitation of new technology and risk management. Her current work focusses on: how to ensure trust online, particularly the governance of online identities for both individuals and organisations; payments over the Internet; developing resilient organisations, from environmental, security and privacy perspectives (including information assurance and fraud prevention).