Siim Sikkut

Government CIO of Estonia

sikkut-150Siim Sikkut is the Government CIO of Estonia, also titled as Deputy Secretary General for IT and Telecom in Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. His role is to set the strategy and policies, to launch and steer strategic initiatives for development of digital government and society in Estonia.

Siim is one of the founders of Estonia’s groundbreaking e-Residency programme. digital policy planning and execution across the government. He also served in this role as adviser to three consecutive Prime Ministers on digital matters. Siim’s prior experience includes work in Estonian Development Fund, a public venture capital fund and foresight think-tank, and Estonian Ministry of Finance, in areas of national strategic planning and public financial management.

Siim Sikkut graduated in 2005 from Princeton University, USA with a B.A. degree in public and international affairs. He also holds a M.Sc. degree in International Management from the University of London.