Olivier Delos

Senior e-Security & e-Solutions consultant



delos-picSEALED is the association of the skills and expertise from two senior e-Security & e-Solutions consultants, Sylvie Lacroix (CISA) and Olivier Delos (CISSP, CISA), totalizing more than 40 years of experience in e-Security and trust services. They are European recognised experts in e-Signatures, e-Proofs, PKI and eID design & consulting, combining academic, business expertise in these matters.

Olivier provides consulting services in the area of eSignature, eAuthentication and Identification, PKI, trust services and their business exploitation and usages, whether in corporate, national or international infrastructure programs. He also has a pretty good experience with regards to the legal & regulatory aspects as well as with the assessment and standardization of these techniques.

In Belgacom and then in Certipost, Olivier set up and managed the first Belgian Certification Service Provider issuing qualified certificates, providing time-stamping services and registered email. Since 2005, he advises numerous customers including European governments (e.g. on eID, ePassports, eSignatures), corporate enterprises, the European Commission (e.g. CROBIES, IAS & IASĀ², Trusted Lists), as well as international institutions and non-EU governments (PKIs). He is also active in standardisation activities (ETSI STF leader within Mandate M460).