Carolyn Harrison

Marketing Director



harrison-pic-150A senior marketing professional and business leader with 25+ years’ experience working in varied roles in different sectors. Carolyn has gained all round business experience creating and running companies and has a proven aptitude to build successful brands. For many years, she has run a successful marketing and management consultancy, with assignments looking at the convergence of new technologies – in particular positive disruptive models, evaluating the commercial opportunities globally across both public and private sectors.

Having spent the last few years exploring ways to fix the current broken model of trying to conduct business in the digital world, she is passionate about BeCyberSure's unique innovative solution. 

BeCyberSure covers the full spectrum of the ‘Information Security’ threat. This includes physical, cyber, governance, education and training and business continuity issues such as crisis management and disaster recovery. This ensures that our clients will be well positioned to identify, block, eject and mitigate the effects of a breach and get back to doing business as quickly as possible.