Luk Vervenne

Internet Entrepreneur & Founder/CEO
Synergetics nv

vervenne-200Luk Vervenne is an Internet entrepreneur and currently founder and CEO of Synergetics nv. Luk started as co-founder of Netvision nv (1994, later Ubizen, now Verizon) and initiator of BelSign/Globalsign, Europe’s first digital certificate authority (1996). Luk was also the business development manager of STARlab of the Free University of Brussels, and is successful in creating synergies between business and academia, resulting in pragmatic technological innovations.


Over the years he increasingly focused on personal data management either as a board member of the International HR-XML Consortium, the Global European e-learning Industry Group or as a pioneer in the field of personal data ecosystems. He has a long experience in managing in initiating and complex ICT projects, including European framework projects. He currently is a member of the World Economic Forum's 'Rethinking personal data' tiger team and as a core member of the Digital Enlightenment Forum on trust in Europe.