Juliet Lodge

Senior Research Analyst

Saher-UK Ltd


lodge-pic-150Prof Juliet Lodge is Senior Research Analyst, Saher-UK Ltd, a Member of the Privacy Expert Group of the Biometrics Institute, and Professor (Em) of European Studies at the University of Leeds (UK). She has published widely on the EU, socio-legal and ethical implications of biometrics, ICTs and their impact on citizens, ethics and society; interoperability for EU internal and external security, judicial  and civil cooperation;  privacy, EU border management and cross border information exchange and egovernance. She has presented evidence on biometrics, border management, treaty reform, ethics, transparency, security and privacy issues to the European Parliament and other national parliaments; and been a partner in several EU research programmes relating to freedom, security and justice. She is co-editor of a forthcoming special issue of the International Review of Information Ethics.